Tools + Techniques

I've built my practice on a decades-long commitment to nurturing healthy beautiful skin through customized treatment, the highest quality products and cutting-edge therapies and technology.


Treatment + Technology

Safe, painless treatment uses the unique properties of light-emitting diodes (LED) at specific calibrations to stimulate collagen production; great for aging and sun-exhausted skin and acne scars.

Lymphatic Drainage
A good and healthy lymphatic system filters out excess of fluids and waste in our bodies. Poor circulation can clog up this process and leave us vulnerable to illness – and our skin prone to puffiness, breakouts and hyper-breakouts and hyperpigmentation. I use smooth glass cups to massage and clear lymph nodes and stimulate healthy lymphatic movement.

Oxygen Therapy
The skin's ability to retain and consume oxygen is key to collagen production and a youthful, vibrant appearance; my oxygen therapy provides a deep infusion of this essential element for hydration, enhanced cellular growth, the improved appearance of dull skin and dark circles, the elimination of acne-causing bacteria and the reduction of scar tissue.

Biomolecular Acceleration
An electro-therapy using radio frequency; revitalizes and speeds renewal of skin cells: helps with cellular detox and firming and toning.


The closest thing in my studio to a magic wand. This accelerated exfoliation process safely and painlessly removes the top layer of dead skin cells revealing fresh, smooth new cells; great for fine lines, superficial dark marks and age spots and enlarged pores.

Uses sound waves to stimulate circulation and healing. Ideal for cystic acne and great for those who are not good candidates for electric stimulation.

Ionic Footbath
Relax, detox.

Body Balancer Suit
Once you're enveloped in the balancer suit, enjoy a relaxing rolling massage that stimulates blood circulation and full - body lymphatic drainage.
Your Homework

In between visits, you'll continue the therapeutic work started in our sessions. A bit of homework – but this is homework you'll actually enjoy! At my studio you'll have access to product lines from around the world as well as custom serums that I mix on-site. I'll prescribe the products that meet your specific needs.