You won't find a menu of services on this site or in my studio. I only offer one service: a facial. Perhaps the most thorough facial you will ever have. The products and tools I use are entirely dependent on the needs of your face,

Your facial will last approximately 1 3/4 hours and the service will be led by the needs of your skin. Those needs may change from month to month and your treatment will change accordingly, but lymphatic drainage, photo rejuvenation, biomolecular acceleration, deep pore cleaning and exfoliation are the key components of all my basic facials.

Most of my clients come to me with some immediate challenges and I make treating those challenges my first priority. But I'm not about quick fixes; our relationship is a long-term commitment, and over time we'll develop goal benchmarks for the care and improvement of your skin.


My studio is a sanctuary for you and your skin. The setting is peaceful and quiet, with only soothing acoustic music or sounds in the back ground. Sometimes clients want more audio stimulation and I'm happy to accommodate that; we even listened to books, motivational topics and affirmations.

The studio interior is simple and serene, a refuge from the busy city outside, glowing with the gently-shifting hues of Chakra light. There is no staff, no other clients present during your appointment––only me. My time is exclusively your time.