My relationship with skin started on the surface.

I grew up in Queens, New York, and in high school and
college worked as a model – print work as well as promotional
modeling at cosmetic counters in Manhattan department
stores like Bloomingdales.

By my early 20s, though, I'd gone from modeling make-up
to giving make-up lessons at a chic boutique owned by
designer Diane von Furstenberg. There I had the good
fortune to work with the pioneering cosmetics and skincare
guru Sylvie Chantecaille (who would go on to found Prescriptives and then the luxury brand, Chantecaille). I learned about skin there and how to make women feel beautiful. I got hooked on the notion that I could help others transform themselves.

I did make-up lessons + applications at salons throughout Manhattan, including the legendary Kenneth's – who coiffed Diana Vreeland and Jacqueline Kennedy but I wanted to get below the surface. I earned a cosmetology license and received extensive training and an esthetician's license. Due to a lack of Skin Care conferences taking place in the US, I traveled to Europe and attended a global CIDESCO conference, in Finland, exclusively for estheticians – an amazing learning experience!

I started doing facials for my own skin care clients in my mother's living room in Queens, filling the place with the most up-to-date technology



"I have very sensitive, fickle skin. For several years I got facials at various big salons around NYC, but always found them rough and painful, and I always left looking red and splotchy. Plus, I would break out for days after. When a good friend recommended Linda, I was pleasantly surprised by how gentle and personal she was. I also love her office – it was private and peaceful – and the products she used. That was about 15 years ago and I have been getting facials from Linda ever since. I use all the products she recommends (and sells me, which is very convenient), and they're so good, I can get away with getting fewer facials during difficult economic times."
Victoria Doyle, NYC
I have been a happy client of Linda's for over twenty years. I can't say enough about her good work in keeping my skin soft and clear. She gave me a confidence about my skin that I never would have had. I always knew I would look my best when I left her office. I am convinced it changed my life.
  I could afford. Building my own clientele was a mission for me because, one, as a woman, I wanted to make a success of my business and my life; I wanted to be independent. Two, I was absolutely driven to provide uncompromised skin care. For instance, I couldn't bear to short change a client by rushing through a service or cutting it short to fit into a salon's appointment structure. I knew I needed to start my own business if I wanted to operate like that.

Later, I obtained another set of equipment and established myself in an apartment in Battery Park City, NY. I saw clients in my home for several years before I met a prominent plastic surgeon who asked me to provide services to his patients as well as my own.

Joy is the best make-up.

Anne Lamot

I became one of the few estheticians in the city who were operating out of a plastic surgeon's office (though that partnership is quite common now). I kept myself up on the latest advances – including pre and post-operative plastic surgery care – with a constant stream of classes and training sessions. It had become clear to me that I was called to do this.

My commitment to that calling was tested on September 11, 2001. I'd been living and working in lower Manhattan for more than a decade, just one block from the World Trade Center. Like thousands of others I fled the neighborhood in terror, wondering if the world would ever be the same. But I was closed for just 9 days, during which I called my dentist who had an office in midtown, to negotiate the use of a room. My clients returned immediately and have followed me through a series of moves that has led to my current location one that is finally, completely mine. They are as committed to me as I am to them. I nurture and I get nurtured.

Education + Training St.

John's University, B.A., English Literature
Wilford Academy, Cosmetology License
Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics,
Esthetician's License
Chappy Morris, NYC

"Just had to let you know what a major impact the 'space - age light treatment' has had on my skin! After only three treatments, the difference is remarkable. This new treatment has really made my pores seem much smaller, my skin firmer and lifted, and incredibly clear and glowing."

Mary Fugle, Brooklyn, NY

I know most people would consider going to Esthetic Tech a luxury but for me it is necessary for my well-being as well as for my face/skin which takes a beating living in NYC. No matter what condition I come in I ALWAYS leave a happy balanced person. Not to mention better looking ! First we always pick out the Music, Speaker or Talk that would do me most good to listen to that day. Then I jump into the lymphatic suit and get very comfortable lying down. Then I fall into a menagerie of beautiful smells, sensations, lotions and lights and an extra dose of oxygen at the end. I really do float out the door when I'm done. I could not live without Linda and her treatments.

Cathy Henszey, NY, NY

Linda Gladkowsky is not only a cherished friend, but a best kept secret in NYC. In Linda's calming and trusted hands, you will experience a bespoke treatment with extraordinary results. She easily takes 5 years off my face.  Linda also has a discerning expertise when it comes to the products she uses. She has taught me about the nuances and benefits of quality skin care maintenance. Which leads me to a funny story: A few years ago, I was seated next to a very charming women at a dinner party in New York. The woman and I struck up a conversation and at one point in the evening, we somehow got on the subject of "skin care". Which I think was a result of us exchanging compliments about each others skin. We then both proclaimed having the best Esthetician ever ~ almost in unison. She claimed she had the best and I contradicted her saying, no, I had the best. We bantered back and forth until one of us finally revealed our secret coveted source for our sensational glowing epidermis: "LINDA GLADKOWSKY!" It was a very funny New York moment and a huge compliments to Linda's passion.

Robert Valentine, Cambridge, MA